Bunyoro Youth Tasked to Embrace Information Technology

Hoima District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The youth and various stakeholders in the Bunyoro sub-region have received a call to enthusiastically embrace Information Technology (IT) in this digital era. Rajesh Agrawal, the Chief Technical Officer at Airtel Uganda, emphasizes the growing importance of IT in virtually every sector of the country.

He highlights the need for individuals to acquire essential computer knowledge to effectively perform their roles in the digital age. Agrawal explains that many people remain unemployed in the country because they lack computer literacy, even though most jobs now require IT knowledge.

To address this issue, Airtel Uganda and American Tower Company-ATC have joined forces to provide free computer training to the people of Hoima and Bunyoro sub-region. The goal is to enhance computer literacy and IT knowledge, ensuring that individuals in the area can match the demands of the current computer-centric age, where IT skills are integral across various fields.

Airtel Uganda will offer comprehensive computer studies in Hoima, making it possible for youth, the elderly, and children in the region to access global skills and ideas, ultimately improving their lives. In addition, Airtel Uganda and ATC Uganda have collaborated to establish a Community Digital Centre at Hoima Public Library, offering local communities in the region free internet access. They have also provided 20 computers for the center.

Uthman Kadir Mugisa, the Hoima LCV Chairperson, encourages the youth in the sub-region to leverage technology to create technological services that can boost sectors like tourism, both domestically and internationally. He believes that learning and acquiring IT knowledge can empower the youth to become innovative and create employment opportunities for themselves.

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Dorothy Kabagambe, the Chief Executive Officer at American Tower Company-ATC Uganda, outlines the digital knowledge hub’s role in providing beneficiaries with a one-month free computer training program leading to certificates in computer training. Kabagambe further reveals that ATC Uganda plans to collaborate with Airtel Uganda to establish additional digital community centers across the country, fully equipped with computers, by the end of 2025, to promote digital literacy.

Mauya Isingoma, an IT Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, encourages the youth and others in Bunyoro to make effective use of the Community Digital Center, available for free. He highlights the center’s potential for research and computer literacy.

Joseph Kasumba, a resident of Busiisi in Hoima City, welcomes the newly installed community digital center, recognizing its value in helping area residents and students conduct research and access digital resources.

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