Businessman and Bodyguard Killed in Nighttime Robbery

On Wednesday night, a businessman, Lawrence Lutaseera, aged 45, met a tragic end alongside his body guard, Rashid Ssenyonga, aged 27, during a brutal robbery in Nsangi, Wakiso District. The heartrending incident unfolded when Lawrence was returning home with his beloved wife, Kyazzike Norah Patricia, after a long day’s work.

As the couple made their way back on a quiet road, they were ambushed by two unknown assailants riding a bodaboda. In a harrowing turn of events, the armed perpetrators unleashed a hail of bullets upon Lawrence and Rashid, snuffing out their lives mercilessly. The attackers then seized the opportunity to rob the couple, taking a substantial sum of approximately 80 million shillings and their mobile phones before fleeing into the darkness.

Local witnesses, who were nearby during the shocking encounter, immediately rushed to the aid of the victims. Lawrence and Rashid were hurriedly transported to Doctor’s Hospital Seguku for urgent medical attention. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the wounds sustained during the ruthless attack proved fatal, and both Lawrence and Rashid were tragically declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The devastating news quickly reached the Kampala Metropolitan Police, prompting an immediate response. Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, verified the occurrence of the heinous crime and ensured the public that a thorough investigation was underway. T

In light of this appalling incident, Patrick Onyango urged members of the public to exercise extreme caution, especially when carrying large sums of money, particularly during nighttime hours. He emphasized that such actions might attract the attention of criminals, putting innocent lives at risk.

With heavy hearts, the bodies of Lawrence Lutaseera and Rashid Ssenyonga were transferred to the city mortuary, where a comprehensive autopsy would be performed to determine the exact cause of their untimely deaths.

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