Charlottetown City Hall Commemorates Uganda’s Independence and Embraces Cultural Diversity

Henry Luyombya, second left, joined Jackie McKinnon, city staff, Mayor Phillip Brown, and Isaac Kassami and Owen Byamukama of New African Canadians at a flag-raising ceremony Nov. 2 at Charlottetown City Hall to commemorate the 61st anniversary of Uganda’s Independence. Uganda’s official Independence Day is Oct. 9. - Contributed

The New African Canadians (NAC) team organized a symbolic flag-raising event at Charlottetown City Hall to promote cultural diversity, enhance cross-cultural awareness, and strengthen connections with the Ugandan community residing on Prince Edward Island.

Henry Luyombya, the chief visionary officer of NAC, explained the significance of commemorating Uganda’s independence through the flag-raising event at Charlottetown City Hall. He highlighted Uganda’s history as a former British colony and its journey toward self-rule. Luyombya expressed hope that the event would encourage residents to explore Ugandan culture, boost tourism in both directions, and foster a sense of unity among all communities.

Mayor Philip Brown, acknowledging the Ugandan people’s path to independence and the enriching cultural diversity in Charlottetown, stressed the importance of embracing diverse cultures and mutual learning. He commended events like the flag-raising as a demonstration of the city’s commitment to engaging every diverse community in Charlottetown. Mayor Brown also expressed gratitude to the New African Canadians for their efforts in addressing mental health issues and creating a sense of belonging for newcomers.

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