Court Orders Deportation of Rwandan National for Illegal Entry

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
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Kabale District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Kabale Chief Magistrate Court has ordered the deportation of a 58-year-old Rwandan national for illegal entry into Uganda without travel documents.

The court, presided over by Kabale Grade I Magistrate Julius Mutabazi, heard that on June 10, 2023, Francis Nzeyimana was arrested on Garage Street in Kabale Municipality for possessing two stolen phones belonging to Emmy Mutabazi. Additionally, Nzeyimana was found unlawfully in Uganda on the same day, which violated the Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act, Cap. 53(1) and 66(2).

When Nzeyimana appeared in court on June 15, 2023, he pleaded guilty to the possession of stolen property but denied the charge of illegal entry into Uganda. He was sentenced to 7 months in Ndorwa government prison for the theft.

However, during a subsequent appearance before Magistrate Julius Mutabazi, Nzeyimana changed his plea, admitting guilt for illegal entry. He tearfully asked for forgiveness, explaining that he originally had travel documents but they were stolen, and that he deeply regretted his actions.

Julie Najjunju, the state attorney, pointed out that Nzeyimana had already been convicted for the theft and sentenced to 7 months. She requested that, in addition to this sentence, he be deported back to Rwanda after serving his time.

Magistrate Mutabazi ruled that Nzeyimana is convicted as charged based on his own guilty plea. Given that he had already served a 7-month sentence for the theft conviction, the court ordered that he must be deported to Rwanda after completing this term.


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