CSOs Urged to act Sparingly, Jointly Within the Law

The Founder cum Chairman of Uganda Rural Development Training (URDT) programme, Dr Mwalimu Musheshe, during a Regional CSO Leaders Reflection Meeting at HB Hotel in Hoima City on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. PHOTO/CALVIN WEMBABAZI

Hoima District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe, Founder and Chairman of Uganda Rural Development Training (URDT) program in Kagadi District, Bunyoro Region, advises Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Uganda to prioritize cohesion, legal compliance, and financial frugality to ensure their sustained operations.

This guidance comes in response to recent shifts in CSO funding, changing dynamics in the civic space, and emerging challenges related to social justice and development in the country.

Speaking at a Regional CSO Leaders Reflection Meeting at HB Hotel in Hoima city, Dr. Musheshe emphasizes the effective use of donor funds within communities that align with their target areas, fields, and population. He also addresses underperformances that could divert CSO leaders from their objectives, highlighting the importance of reversing these trends to prevent a decline in the work of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the Bunyoro region.

Dr. Musheshe underscores the pivotal role of communities in keeping CSOs effective, emphasizing the need for a revitalized approach that builds trust and engages with the local population.

Dr. Moses Isooba, Executive Director of the Uganda National NGO Forum, advises CSO leaders to be prepared for challenges in their managerial roles and stresses the importance of adhering to administrative and legislative requirements. He references a past incident in which the government froze CSOs’ bank accounts due to suspicions of funding subversive activities, highlighting the retrogressive impact such occurrences can have on CSOs.

Nasser Bbiira Kiwanuka, Executive Director of Recreation for Development and Peace, observes that many CSOs have delegated decision-making to the communities they serve, emphasizing the need for CSOs to take a more active role in shaping decisions. He also laments that CSOs are sometimes viewed as adversaries to the state due to their reliance on external funding sources.

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