Danish Students in Uganda for Environmental Conservation Mission

Young people from Denmark and Uganda in tree planting campaign in Luzira. PHOTO/COURTESY

Students from Niels Steenseen School in Copenhagen, Denmark, have joined forces with Caritas Uganda and the Community Integrity Development Initiative (CIDI) to launch an environmental conservation campaign. Their mission involves educating and raising awareness among primary school pupils in Nakawa Division about the importance of conserving and protecting the environment.

The Danish team, led by Fr. Daniel Norgdaard, the Danish school Chaplain, believes that young people worldwide, including Africa, have a significant role to play in environmental protection. Fr. Daniel expressed that the purpose of bringing these young agents for change to Uganda is to share their knowledge and experiences in environmental conservation with their counterparts in Africa. The visit aims to help young people in developing countries enhance their quality of life through environmental protection.

Hellen Kasujja, the Deputy Executive Director of CIDI, emphasized the necessity of involving young people directly in sustainable environmental conservation. She pointed out that while focusing on development, it’s crucial to maintain the environment. Development can coexist with environmental conservation, and continuous community sensitization is essential to achieving this balance.

Jacob Nue, the Head of Communication at Caritas Denmark, believes the trip to Uganda will enable them to provide evidence to the Danish people that their donations have been put to good use in impactful projects.

Nakanyike Sylvia Mukasa, the Program Coordinator for the Consortium for Uganda Governance and Poverty Alleviation Program, explained that dedicating this day to listening to young people’s views on climate change is essential because they are the future leaders of the country. She shared her concerns about the replacement of natural forests with Eucalyptus trees, emphasizing the importance of conveying this message to the youth as they will lead the country in the future.

Gerald Mijasi, the Head teacher at St. James Bbina Catholic Primary School in Nakawa Division, Kampala district, praised CIDI and its partners for their significant impact on the school regarding hygiene and environmental conservation. The school experienced a reduced dropout rate, especially among female students during menstruation, thanks to sensitization campaigns. Students and teachers learned how to make reusable sanitary pads, and the donated water tanks helped reduce water expenses at the school.

During their visit, the Niels Steenseen School students engaged in a debate with pupils from St. Stephens Luzira Church of Uganda Primary School on environmental topics. They also participated in tree planting campaigns at both schools.

Sadat Zagga Zziwa, the chairperson of the National Youth Advocacy Platform, commended the Danish students for sharing their knowledge with Ugandans to prioritize environmental protection. He stressed that engaging young people in environmental conservation is a crucial strategy for restoring the already degraded environment.

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