Environment Officers in Bushneyi Call for Wetland Protection

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Bushenyi District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Vincent Kataate, the senior environment officer of Bushenyi district local government, clarified that the President of Uganda’s directive was not to prohibit people from using wetlands but rather to encourage sustainable utilization for economic development. Kataate made these remarks during a public awareness campaign in Kyeizooba Sub County, held at the sub county headquarters as part of a week-long initiative to prepare for wetlands restoration in Bushenyi district.

According to Kataate, the President’s guidance allows certain activities in wetlands without requiring permission from authorities, such as utilizing water for irrigation during droughts, cutting grass for mulching, and engaging in crafting, among others.

In the same gathering, Michael Atwebembeire, the district forest officer for Bushenyi, urged people to refrain from planting non-indigenous trees like Eucalyptus in wetlands, as such actions harm the microorganisms, weaken indigenous trees, and disrupt the ecosystem.

Victor Bakikunde, Chairman of LC3 Kyeizooba Sub County, pledged full cooperation for the ongoing wetlands restoration efforts, acknowledging that in his sub county, unauthorized activities such as crop cultivation have encroached upon wetland areas.


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