EU Signs Roadmap for Congo Forest Partnership

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Brazzaville, Congo | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The European Commission’s Environment Chief, Virginijus Sinkevicius, has signed a roadmap for the EU-Congo Forest Partnership, aimed at protecting Congolese forests from deforestation in line with the EU’s deforestation regulation. Sinkevicius emphasized that this roadmap will strengthen the dialogue between the EU and the Republic of Congo in addressing deforestation and promoting a sustainable forest economy.

Key aspects of the partnership include geolocation requirements in supply chains, the inclusion of smallholders, combining agriculture and tree planting, and the implementation of traceability schemes. The partnership was signed during the Summit of the Three Basins of Biodiversity Ecosystems and Tropical Forests in Brazzaville, Congo, which aims to protect regions with a significant portion of the planet’s biodiversity.

These tropical forests also serve as vital carbon sinks, contributing to the fight against climate change. The summit has brought together representatives from the Amazon, Congo, Borneo, and Greater Mekong regions, which collectively account for two-thirds of the planet’s biodiversity.

At COP27 UN climate talks last November, the EU signed memoranda of understanding for forest partnerships with several countries, including the Republic of Congo. These partnerships seek to reduce deforestation, promote sustainable forest management, create job opportunities, and facilitate trade in sustainable forest products.

The EU’s deforestation regulation, which came into effect in June, mandates that companies with connections to cattle, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, soya, and wood must demonstrate that their products are not associated with deforestation.

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