Ex-Deputy Commissioner for Rukungiri Advocates for Positive Parenting

Kabale (UG) | The Black Examiner – Former Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Kabale, Rukungiri, and Kyankwanzi, Denis Nzeirwe Ndyomugyenyi, has called upon parents to set positive examples for their children.

Mr. Nzeirwe delivered this message today while addressing the congregation of St. James Kijuguta Church of Uganda parish in the Northern division of Kabale municipality. He was representing Honorable Minister David Bahati, the State Minister of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives (Industry), as well as the Ndorwa West Legislator, who was scheduled to be the chief guest.

During his speech, Mr. Nzeirwe expressed concern that many parents have been neglecting their responsibility to exhibit good behavior in public. He emphasized that children often emulate the actions of their parents, sometimes copying negative behaviors. He appealed to parents to exercise caution and guide their children in distinguishing between right and wrong, a crucial step toward nurturing responsible citizens who can positively impact their communities.

Additionally, Mr. Nzeirwe encouraged young children to prioritize their faith in God, show respect to their parents, and demonstrate reverence to their elders within their respective communities. These values, he believes, will contribute to the development of a future generation of productive and principled individuals.

The church service was led by the children’s church, with Joab Amutuheire urging his fellow youngsters to actively listen to their parents, especially during the holidays. He emphasized the importance of assisting with domestic chores to support their personal growth and career development.

As a gesture of support, Denis Nzeirwe Ndyomugyenyi contributed three hundred thousand shillings and delivered an additional two million shillings on behalf of Minister Bahati, who was the anticipated chief guest at the event.

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