Fans in Favor of Cindy Over Sheeba

Social media fans have highlighted that Cindy Sanyu ,the King Herself has pulled off a way better performance than Sheebah Karungi.

An opinion by NBS after 5 , indicates over 70 percent commenting in favour of Cindy .

Key Zeram , one of the followers of the battle says Cindy’s performance was better than Sheebah’s.


“Honestly, Cindy has given us a better performance than sheebah but sheebah got songs that call for attention. My view my opinion. Nze bwendabye.”

Kabiswa Edirisa like many others faulted Sheebah’s vocals in contrast with Cindy’s. He had this to say; “I gave up on Shibah many years before COVID-19. It was at her “Nkwataako” concert at Hotel African. After paying for our VIP tickets with a friend, Sheebah was singing live in a very awkward voice. We decided to terminate our audience midway!”

Some X users like one identified as Dr. Hegaan even went ahead to scoff at Sheebah who had earlier on bragged that she was better than Cindy because she had a house to her name. A sign of accomplishment to her .

He said; “We were talking about Music & someone was bragging about the House she built now let the house come and sing Nfaa.”

Benjamin Kimera hits the point harder noting ; “Sheebah is just talking and shouting not singing. Even the band has got lost.”

Cindy is being showered with praises for good vocals and being able to produce good sound.

Over the last weeks, observations have still been made concerning who should be better than the other over talk shows , t.v interviews , and tweets among others .

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Cindy has been outstandingly favoured with fans claiming that she exhibits a sense of maturity and wisdom, with composure. While on the other hand Sheebah has been criticized for being irrational

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