FDC Lira Election Becomes Chaotic

Saturday, October 21, 2023

In another internal election, the FDC Najjanakumbi faction recently conducted its Youth and Women elections, drawing delegates from various regions of the country. These delegates, comprising recently elected District Women and Youth leaders, were tasked with electing new National district FDC Youth and Women leaders.

Similar to the recent National Executive Committee member elections, the Youth and Women elections descended into chaos, resulting in some candidates being disqualified from the race. This led to delegates from northern Uganda boycotting the exercise in protest.

One disgruntled aspirant, Okori Brian, confronted the party chairman of the electoral commission, Tuterebuka Bamwenda, upon learning that he had been removed from the race for the National Youth chairperson, a position for which he had been previously nominated.

Expressing his frustration, Okori exclaimed, “How could you disqualify me? We will take this entire election to court to declare it illegal. As young people, we have made sacrifices for this party, and we cannot allow it to wither away. The party is dying.”

Chairman Tuterebuka Bamwenda defended his decision to disqualify Okori Brian, stating, “An issue was raised that he does not qualify. Not every youth member can come here and vote. The process is clear; the chairperson and vice-chairperson constitute the electoral college.”

Amidst the heated arguments and the rowdiness caused by Okori and his supporters, the election venue became chaotic, prompting the FDC electoral commission to temporarily suspend the process to restore order.

Subsequently, Okori was removed from the venue, and the elections resumed. In response, his supporters decided to walk out and boycott the exercise, declaring, “We cannot participate in an illegitimate process.”

The elections eventually continued, with the aim of selecting the National chairperson of the FDC Youth, vice-chairperson of the FDC Youth, chairperson of the FDC Women League, vice-chairperson of the FDC Women League, secretary-general, and other positions.

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