Gabon’s Military Leader Declines Presidential Salary

Gen Brice Nguema was sworn in as interim president in September

Gabon’s military leader, Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema, has announced his decision to forgo his presidential salary, opting to receive compensation solely as the commander of the republican guard. He assumed the role of interim president following the ousting of President Ali Bongo in August. This announcement was conveyed by the junta spokesperson on Wednesday evening, citing Gen. Nguema’s awareness of the pressing needs and high expectations of the Gabonese populace.

The junta spokesperson, Colonel Ulrich Manfoumbi, emphasized that with each passing day, the junta becomes increasingly conscious of the nation’s deteriorating state and the particularly precarious condition of public finances. During President Bongo’s 14-year tenure, allegations of corruption and financial scandals plagued the regime, with the junta characterizing the country’s finances as having fallen victim to a significant criminal onslaught.

In addition to relinquishing his presidential salary, Gen. Nguema has taken steps to reduce public expenditure by cutting lawmakers’ allowances, eliminating political funds, and reducing session allowances. These measures, as stated by the presidency, aim to fortify the state’s financial resources.

This latest action is perceived as an effort to rebuild the Gabonese people’s trust in the nation’s leadership.

Source: BBC

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