Gashumba is not the owner of ‘Tova ku Main’ Museveni 2026 slogan, URSB rules

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has ruled that social media critic Frank Gashumba does not hold the copyrights and associated rights for the slogan “Omalako Jajja Tova ku Main.”

In a ruling by Assistant Registrar of Copyright, Denis Birungi, he stated, “The applicant (Gashumba) has not provided evidence to prove that the copyright holder of that image authorized him before he made adaptations, transformations, or modifications. Consequently, he cannot claim copyright in the silhouette, as doing so would constitute infringement.”

This legal dispute involved Frank Gashumba, Lwengo LCV chairman Ibrahim Kitatta, and Hadija Namyalo Uzeiye, who is a senior advisor to President Museveni and head of the NRM national chairman’s office. They all laid claim to the 2026 campaign slogan, “Omalako Jaja Tova ku Main.”

Gashumba had sought to copyright the slogan as his own work, but Hadija Namyalo and Ibrahim Kitatta disputed his claims. The URSB ruled in favor of Hadija Namyalo, determining that Gashumba was not the originator of the slogan.

The URSB assistant registrar explained that these disputed works have a political nature and are intended for mobilization for President Museveni and the NRM. While the authorship is still uncertain, there is enough evidence to suggest that Gashumba was not the author. As a result, Gashumba’s application and Kitatta’s objection were both dismissed.

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