Gospel Artist Joseph Ngoma Faces Backlash after Accepting Monetary Gift from Mama Fiina

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Prominent Ugandan gospel artist Joseph Ngoma has come under scrutiny for accepting a monetary gift from traditional healer Sophia Namutebi, who is commonly known as Mama Fiina.

During a recent performance at a David Lutalo concert, Mama Fiina generously distributed cash to several artists, including Ngoma. Photographs capture Ngoma with a smile as he received the money from her.

However, Denis Lanek, who identifies himself as the leader of the Ugandan Gospel Singers Association, publicly criticized Ngoma’s actions. Lanek referred to the money as “questionable funds,” deeming it inappropriate for a religious figure to handle.

Lanek urged Ngoma to return the money, arguing that it was ethically wrong for a spiritual figure like him to financially benefit from a traditional healer.

When questioned about the criticism, Ngoma explained that the money had already been spent, making it impossible to return.

This incident raises ethical dilemmas. Some believe that the work of traditional healers is incompatible with Christianity, creating a moral conflict when accepting funds from such sources. Others see this criticism as a form of intolerance, as long as there is no direct involvement in malpractice.

In a country where faith and culture are often intertwined, diverse perspectives emerge regarding exchanges between different spiritual domains like this one.


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