Govt Asked to Divide Ntungamo District for Effective Service Delivery

Hon. Naome Kabasharira (NRM, Rushenyi) speaks during a meeting between the Parliamentary Forum on Road Safety and Centre for Policy Analysis held at Parliament on Wednesday 15 February 2023

Ntungamo District | The Black Examiner – The Member of Parliament for Rushenyi County, Ms. Naome Kabasharira, has voiced a compelling proposition for the potential division of Ntungamo district into three separate administrative entities. This proposal comes in response to mounting concerns about the district’s inadequate road rehabilitation funding. Ms. Kabasharira emphasized that if the government fails to allocate funds for road reconstruction similar to its support for smaller districts, Ntungamo’s division should be explored.

During a community service event on Tuesday, where she took the initiative to sponsor the construction of a local bridge connecting her constituency to Rukungiri district, Ms. Kabasharira conveyed her concerns. As the vice chairperson of the parliamentary presidential affairs committee, she highlighted that Ntungamo district is currently disadvantaged in terms of government-funded projects based on political delineations. She specifically pinpointed the alarming state of the road infrastructure, labeling it a disaster.

Ms. Kabasharira pointed out the glaring inequity in the allocation of resources, particularly in road development. She highlighted that Ntungamo district’s extensive road network spanning over 2000 kilometers receives far less attention compared to districts with less than 100 kilometers of roads. Despite this disproportionate allocation, these smaller districts receive an equivalent share of funding from the road fund for road maintenance and improvement.

In a disconcerting revelation, it was disclosed that Ntungamo district was granted UShs 10 million for the first quarter to address the pressing task of maintaining and rehabilitating a vast network of 2730 kilometers of roads this year. Ms. Kabasharira adamantly expressed her dissatisfaction with this meager allocation, asserting that it is inadequate to address the scale of the issue.

The newly constructed bridge, which now links Kyafoora parish through the Ruboroga River, represents a significant step forward for the local community. Prior to its construction, residents were compelled to utilize logs as makeshift bridges, highlighting the dire need for improved infrastructure.

Ivan Rwanyakibare, Chairperson of Rugarama North, underscored the importance of well-maintained roads in facilitating the transportation of agricultural produce and connecting schools. Notably, many children in the region commute from Rukungiri district to attend these schools.

“From the vantage point of Kitunda village Chairman, where the culvert bridge was erected, having functional roads holds paramount significance” “Improved road access translates to opportunities for residents to access markets, enabling them to generate income to support their families” he added


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