Govt Officials Demand a Ban on Single-Use Plastics

Minister for water and environment, Mr Sam Cheptoris speaks during the manifesto week in Kampala on May 15, 2023. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | High-ranking government officials are advocating for a prohibition on the manufacturing and utilization of single-use plastics, including polythene bags with thicknesses less than 30 microns. Minister Sam Cheptoris, responsible for Water and Environment, has emphasized that such a plastic ban is essential to safeguard the country against improper plastic disposal, which continues to wreak havoc on the environment and poses significant risks to human and animal health.

Minister Cheptoris, while addressing delegates at the ongoing meeting held at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, convened to discuss the creation of a global treaty aimed at addressing plastic pollution, highlighted the prevalence of plastic carrier bags on the outskirts of Kampala. He expressed the government’s determination to combat these plastic bags and the resistance encountered from manufacturers in doing so.

He further pointed out that despite the severity of plastic pollution, Uganda, like many other African nations, lacks a comprehensive framework, the necessary resources, and the capacity to effectively manage this environmental issue. The manufacturers’ assurances of collecting and recycling plastic bags were deemed unreliable by the minister, underscoring the importance of source management over attempting to collect the vast quantity of plastic produced after the fact.

On a global scale, the United Nations Assembly has established a committee tasked with negotiating a legally binding treaty to address plastic pollution worldwide. Countries are currently engaged in negotiations to develop this vital treaty.

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