Govt to Support Schools with Dilapidated Buildings

A section of the classroom is in a dire state. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The government has instructed local authorities to compile lists of schools with subpar classroom facilities. In a letter dated October 5, 2023, Isaac Musumba mandated that these lists must be submitted by November 3, 2023.

Teachers and school administrators have welcomed this initiative, citing how inadequate classrooms have negatively impacted the quality of education, particularly in adverse weather conditions. They have also expressed concerns about overcrowding, which makes individual student supervision during lessons challenging.

Abubakari Masifwa, the headteacher of Bukonde SSS in Mbale, shared their struggle with UNICEF tents being insufficient to shield students from rain during storms, disrupting learning.

To access government support, schools need to provide specific details, including their location, the number of students, photos of the substandard structures, and whether they’ve previously sought government assistance for permanent facilities.

Musumba emphasized that these photos will be followed up with on-site visits to the schools. Additionally, the government’s commitment extends beyond erecting permanent structures; it also includes furnishing the classrooms with desks.

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