Govt Urged To Prioritize The Country’s Economy

Monday, October 9, 2023

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | While Independence celebrations were underway, Ugandans in Kampala were calling on the government to address longstanding challenges hindering economic development. Despite these concerns, some Ugandans remain hopeful for a better future, as The Black Examiner interviewed them on this significant day.

As the nation marked its 61st Independence Day in Kitgum district, some residents in Kampala continued with their daily routines, citing a struggling economy as the reason. They expressed their reluctance to miss work due to economic hardships.

Locals displayed limited enthusiasm for the day’s festivities, with many feeling that Independence Day had not improved their lives. They highlighted significant challenges facing the country and their negative impact, while still holding onto hope for a brighter future, echoing the national motto, ‘For God and My Country.’

Their pleas to government officials included calls for a reevaluation of tax hikes, improvements in road infrastructure, and efforts to combat corruption, among other issues. They emphasized the plight of less fortunate Ugandans, attributing these problems to ineffective leadership and governance.

Today, Uganda celebrated its Independence Day, marking 61 years since gaining sovereignty after seven decades of British rule. On this day in 1962, Uganda was internationally recognized as an independent republic.”


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