Grenade and Rickman’s Fight for Sheilah Ends with a Lip Cut

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Deus Nduggwa, who goes by the stage name Grenade, and Derrick Ddungu, known as Rickman in the music world, were involved in a physical altercation early on Monday morning following a night out.

On Monday morning, the local music scene was shocked by a regrettable false report suggesting that Rickman and a member of Grenade’s team had engaged in a physical altercation.

The incident allegedly occurred in the parking area of Skyz Hotel Naguru after the Kampala Brunch party, where Grenade is said to have confronted Sheilah’s partner.


Sheilah Gashumba recounted the events, explaining that Grenade repeatedly attempted to join their table during the evening but was consistently turned down, as seen in a video she shared on her Snapchat account.

Reportedly, this rejection infuriated the singer, leading him to throw a glass at Rickman, causing serious facial injuries. Rickman was subsequently rushed to Nakasero Hospital for emergency treatment.

In the video, Sheilah Gashumba describes the incident while Rickman lies on a hospital bed, his face smeared with blood, as he receives treatment for a cut lip.

To set the record straight, it should be clarified that Grenade intentionally attacked Rickman by hurling a glass at him. It appears that he had planned this confrontation from the moment they arrived.

Grenade initially attempted to engage with Rickman’s stylist and, when that failed, resorted to throwing the glass, which resulted in Rickman’s injury. Grenade subsequently fled the scene on a motorcycle taxi (boda-boda).

As of now, Grenade’s whereabouts are unknown, while Rickman remains in the hospital receiving stitches for his injuries.

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