Gunmen Attack Leaves Villager Injured in Bukwo

Bukwo District | The Black Examiner – Police and authorities in Bukwo district are actively engaged in a comprehensive investigation into a recent shooting incident that has resulted in a single individual sustaining serious injuries. The incident occurred during the late hours of Monday, at 0100 hours, when a resident named Mr. Musobo Collins found himself at the unfortunate center of the event. Residing within the confines of Rakwayandet Cell, situated in the Rakwayandet Ward of Suam Town Council, Musobo Collins’ dwelling was targeted by unidentified gunmen. These assailants illicitly entered his residence with the intention of pilfering sheep. However, the situation took a tragic turn when Collins ventured outside his home to assess the commotion. Without warning, the attackers discharged their firearms, causing a gunshot wound to his leg.

Presently, the motive behind this disturbing shooting incident remains shrouded in uncertainty, prompting ongoing and intensive investigative efforts by the local authorities. The law enforcement agencies are diligently piecing together the circumstances leading up to this incident, hoping to shed light on the events that unfolded on that fateful night.

In a related occurrence, the district of Bukwo found itself gripped by yet another distressing incident involving firearms. This incident transpired on a Friday night when a man of local prominence, going by the name Chesakas, met his untimely death due to the actions of unidentified gunmen. These assailants targeted his livestock, specifically his cattle, within the confines of Kokop Chaya, located within the jurisdiction of Bukwo subcounty. In an unexpected twist, the residents of the region took it upon themselves to embark on a search mission within the surrounding wilderness. Their efforts yielded success as they managed to locate and reclaim the abandoned cattle.


It has been reported that a staggering number of thirteen animals were allegedly stolen during this cattle raid. Suspicion has turned towards the Pokot community, who are believed to have potentially collaborated with individuals from the area. The ownership of the kraals, where the stolen cattle were kept, rested with Kipyeko Francis Lasto, yet the management fell under the responsibility of Ndege Manuar. The collective count of animals in these kraals amounted to twenty-three. It has been confirmed through reliable sources that the very cattle reported as stolen were successfully recovered on the subsequent Saturday morning.

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Unfortunately, these events are not isolated incidents within Bukwo District. This region, as well as its adjacent neighbor, Kween District, have been plagued by a series of attacks carried out by marauding bands, commonly recognized as the Karamajong and Pokot warriors. The toll of these aggressions has manifested in the tragic loss of life, casting a somber pall over the affected communities.

Amidst these distressing occurrences, the Greater Sipi Police spokesperson, Chesang Fredrick, was approached for an official statement concerning the incidents. However, he expressed his lack of awareness regarding these particular events at this juncture.

Adding to the mounting concerns, the local population has directed blame towards their elected Members of Parliament for their perceived lack of proactive measures in addressing the security crisis within their midst. The residents express feelings of neglect, as their representatives seem disengaged from the pressing issues that continue to afflict their community.

These repeated and alarming attacks, attributed to the Pokot Warriors and Karamajong warriors, have brought about a climate of uncertainty and fear that has claimed numerous lives. The affected communities are left to grapple with the ongoing threat posed by these assailants, hoping for effective interventions that can restore a semblance of safety and normalcy to their lives.


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