Hoima By-Election Campaigns Halted as Dr. Tanga Odoi Intervenes

NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, during a meeting with the warring party candidates for Hoima District LC 5 seat in Hoima City on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. PHOTO/SAMUEL BAGUMA

Hoima, Uganda | The Black Examiner – Six out of the seven candidates contesting for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer position in the upcoming Hoima District LC 5 Chairmanship by-elections, the party’s Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, officially halted campaign activities.

During a convened meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, in Hoima city, Dr. Tanga Odoi announced a two-day suspension of campaign rallies from August 8th to August 9th, 2023. This decision was made in response to allegations raised against certain candidates, requiring the party to seek resolutions.

Dr Odoi highlighted that grievances had been brought forward by several candidates, accusing one of their fellow contenders of receiving external financial support from a relative. These funds were allegedly utilized to finance disruptive elements that engaged in heckling, booing, and causing disturbances during joint campaign rallies.

Furthermore, additional allegations emerged, with candidates claiming that another contender was responsible for transporting intoxicated individuals to the campaign venues, thereby aiming to disrupt the collective campaign efforts.

In light of these developments, Dr Odoi concluded that a suspension of the campaigns was necessary to facilitate discussions with various stakeholders. The aim is to find a harmonious solution that would ensure the campaigns and subsequent polling process proceed without hindrance.

Dr Odoi also noted that, with the exception of Mr. Uthman Mubarak Mugisha, the six withdrawing candidates have submitted a petition to the NRM party chairman, who concurrently holds the position of the President of the Republic of Uganda, Mr. Yoweri Museveni. The party’s Electoral Commission is currently awaiting Mr. Museveni’s response to this petition.

Prior to Dr Odoi’s intervention, five candidates had accused Mr. Mugisha and Mr. Vincent Muhumuza, also known as Savannah, of orchestrating disruptions. These disruptions involved ferrying intoxicated individuals and their supporters from Hoima city to create disturbances during campaign speeches delivered by rival candidates.

The roster of contenders in the electoral race includes Mr. Yunus Mugabe, Mr. Samwiri Byaruhanga, widely recognized as Kyakadongo, Mr. Moses Mutagwa, Mr. Jackson Mugenyi Mulindambura, and Mr. John Kwemara.

The Hoima LC 5 chairmanship position became vacant following the death of the former chairman, Kadiri Kirungi, in a motor accident in March earlier this year. Presently, Mr. Mugisha, the son of the late chairman, is actively competing for the said position.


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