Hoima Politician Accuses Army Over Deforestation, UPDF Denies

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) plants trees to promote environmental conservation in the Elgon Sub-region. (Image: UPDF)

The ongoing destruction of forest reserves in Uganda has raised concerns among leaders in Hoima City, who have accused the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) of being involved in the degradation of these woodlands.

Edward Isingoma, Speaker of Hoima City Council, has expressed his unease, pointing out that there are allegations of the UPDF providing protection to those responsible for forest destruction. He questions the notion of patriotism, emphasizing that the army should be safeguarding these forests, which serve as vital water catchment areas crucial for regulating dry weather conditions by increasing rainfall and carbon sequencing.

Isingoma urges the government to take tangible actions to protect forests and other vulnerable ecosystems from the relentless destruction caused by those responsible.

On the other hand, Capt Geoffrey Sunday, the Bunyoro Region UPDF Public Relations Officer, refutes these allegations, asserting that the UPDF does not shield individuals involved in forest cutting. Instead, he states that the UPDF actively protects forests and collaborates with the National Forestry Authority (NFA) in environmental conservation efforts.

Capt Sunday highlights the UPDF’s commitment to forest conservation by mentioning their involvement in tree planting initiatives to solidify their dedication to preserving these vital natural resources.

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