Ibanda University Embraces Online Learning with UKETA

Ibanda University is taking a significant step towards enhancing its students’ education by collaborating with UKETA, an online learning platform. Through this partnership, students will have the opportunity to acquire valuable soft skills in addition to their regular curriculum.

UKETA is renowned for its online training programs that focus on real-world professional engagement. These training modules cover a wide range of subjects, including financial literacy, content creation, business planning, people management, and entrepreneurship, among others.

The incorporation of soft skills training holds immense benefits for both students and lecturers. Christopher Banura, the Assistant Dean of Ibanda University, emphasized the importance of students possessing not only academic knowledge but also essential soft skills. These skills are vital in making graduates more appealing to potential employers in various industries upon completing their university education.

The partnership between Ibanda University and UKETA aims to seamlessly integrate these practical courses into the students’ academic journey, enabling them to apply their skills long after their educational years. By offering this comprehensive approach to education, the university is preparing its students to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their future professional endeavors.

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