Inside the 2.2 Billion Shilling Robbery at Ambassador Nekesa’s Residence

UPF pic of handcuffed suspect

Ivan Lukungu, also known as Pallaso, previously listed as wanted by security agencies in connection to the theft of 2.2 billion shillings from Ambassador Barbra Oundo Nekesa’s residence, has admitted to receiving only 120 million shillings.

The robbery at Amb. Nekesa’s home in Muyenga-Bukasa, Makindye, Kampala, occurred on December 5, 2023, orchestrated by police officers, including Police Constable Michael Wangi from the Very Important Persons Protection Unit (VIPPU).

Initially reported as a 41 million shilling robbery by Nekesa, her husband, Hajji Mafabi Sulaiman Lumolo, discovered upon returning home that a total of 2.2 billion shillings had been stolen. Hajji Lumolo, a well-known car dealer, promptly alerted the police, revealing that the stolen money was proceeds from his car sales.

Two weeks ago, security forces arrested 12 suspects linked to the robbery. These suspects implicated Pallaso, who was subsequently located in Masaka City.

Pallaso confessed to using his share of the money, totaling 120 million shillings, to purchase a Toyota Harrier (62 million), a house (20 million), a restaurant (10 million), an electronic shop (16 million), and a plot of land (15 million). He claimed ignorance regarding the activities of his accomplices since relocating to Masaka after the robbery.

According to the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) report, PC Wango Michael, the mastermind of the robbery, allocated 220 million shillings to himself. PC Wango reserved 20 million for potential bail, handed over to his uncle Basooma Emmanuel from Namutumba district.

Other beneficiaries included Constable Arinda Edgar Watson (200 million shillings), Sgt Idro Dominic (8.8 million shillings), Constable Sharif Mugoya (230 million shillings), and the bodaboda rider who transported the loot (20 million shillings).

Evidence revealed that the couple had both dollars and shillings in their residence, known to PC Wango Michael, who had been the home guard for over a year. Wango, along with two other officers, Sgt Idro Dominic and PC Mugoya Sharif, hatched a plan to disable security measures, gaining entry to the compound, and inflicting controlled injuries on Wango. They proceeded to the servants’ quarters, forced the maids to open the main house, and stole two rifles, along with other valuables.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga assured that everyone involved in the robbery, including those who took an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a golden ring, a DVR for the CCTV system, Techno Spark Nine smartphones, and a Huawei 19 mobile phone, would be apprehended. The robbers also seized two police guns and 60 rounds of ammunition, abandoned in a potato garden 200 meters from the residence. Some suspects were caught when they started sharing the stolen money instead of reporting it.

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