ISBAT University’s AI Students Win in Uganda’s Revolution Hackathon

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Students from ISBAT University have clinched victory at the Revolution Hackathon Uganda, earning a substantial cash prize of Shs11.1 million. This three-month-long competition featured 400 teams, with only 16 advancing to the finals. Each team, comprising four students from various institutions and companies, underwent rigorous coaching and mentorship between July and September 2023.

The challenge posed to these teams was to devise innovative solutions using data related to Kampala city’s road, electricity, and traffic networks. Their objective was to propose strategies for identifying optimal locations for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across Kampala, anticipating the increasing adoption of EV technology in Uganda and Africa.

The triumphant team, TBKN, harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to optimize the selection of ideal charging station locations. They employed a genetic algorithm inspired by natural selection, generating random points along Kampala’s major roads. These points were then refined based on proximity to power distribution lines and fuel stations. The system they developed is scalable and holds promise for application in other regions beyond Kampala.

The hackathon presented a formidable challenge, spanning just three intense days with no respite. Nonetheless, it provided a valuable bridge between classroom learning and practical application, delivering tangible benefits to the people of Uganda.

Artificial intelligence and the internet play pivotal roles in modern education, addressing the challenges and opportunities ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Mr. Jimmy Obira, a lecturer at ISBAT University, underscores how artificial intelligence has the potential to automate industrial processes, potentially influencing the job market by increasing productivity through machine automation.

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Moreover, the Revolution Hackathon underscored the growing significance of data science in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The winning team leveraged AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets and extract valuable insights.

Pradeep Kumar, the Academic Registrar of ISBAT University, emphasizes that artificial intelligence education empowers Ugandan youth by fostering a sense of pan-Africanism. By offering an advanced curriculum and robust infrastructure, the university is equipping students with the skills necessary to thrive in the global job market and entrepreneurial landscape, shaping the future of Uganda and Africa.

ISBAT University’s achievement in the Total Energies Uganda hackathon signals a bright future for the country as it embraces the power of artificial intelligence and innovation.

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