Janet Museveni Opposes Family Planning for Schoolgirls

Janet Museveni, the Minister of Education, has strongly criticized the use of family planning methods among school-going girls, emphasizing that contraception is intended for families. Speaking at the National Youth Convention at Kololo Independence Ground, Uganda’s First Lady expressed her views:

“Family planning is meant for families who wish to space their children. Why would anyone, especially those who send their children to school, support the idea of young girls using family planning to avoid getting pregnant?”

She went on to say, “So, while they may tell you that you won’t get pregnant, if you agree to it, you might avoid pregnancy, but you’re also risking exposure to HIV or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). That’s when you’ll realize you’ve taken the wrong path.”

Janet Museveni is now part of a growing group of government leaders who oppose a proposal by a health ministry official to introduce birth control methods for girls aged 15 and above.

Instead, the First Lady encouraged young girls to exercise patience, find contentment, and abstain from sexual activity until marriage. She expressed concern about the risks involved in pursuing a relationship that may lead to exposure to diseases like HIV.

“In Uganda, why would anyone take you to Europe and possibly expose you to HIV along the way? I implore young people to live their lives in the presence of God. Please choose not to harm your bodies, which are considered the temples of the Holy Spirit,” she emphasized.

She also advised the youth to steer clear of what she referred to as “immoral aspects of culture” that tempt them into wrongful actions, addictions, and temptations, which are often perpetuated by peer pressure and various forms of media, including social media, the internet, and traditional media.

“Dear children, always remember that daily communion with God and reading His words result in adopting Christ’s mindset, leading to personal transformation,” she remarked on a Friday in Kampala.

It’s worth noting that during the COVID-19 pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, the government and the United Nations Population Fund estimated that approximately 32,000 Ugandan teenagers ran away from their homes every month.

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