Juliana Kanyomozi sets record straight on Museveni’s son being her baby daddy

Ugandan artiste Juliana Kanyamozi. FILE PHOTO

Renowned Ugandan songstress Juliana Kanyomozi has addressed the persistent rumors surrounding the identity of her second child’s father

Juliana, a mother of two, said she had dated the father of her child for seven years.

Known for her private nature, the Kibaluma hitmaker has deliberately kept the identity of her partner away from the public eye.

In a recent appearance on the second season of Tusker Malt Conversations on Sunday, Nov 12, Juliana candidly shared her frustration with the baseless rumors, particularly the outlandish claim that the son of Commander Land Forces of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba was the father of her child.

“When I had my son, it was the happiest moment of my life. And then I go to social media and found stories about who people thought was the father of my son. I cannot even explain how I felt. I found it even very disrespectful for me and for the First Son. I had never met him physically in my entire life…I just met him recently while working in Soroti. So I found it wild.”

She emphasized her respect for the First Son (Museveni’s son) and deemed the rumors disrespectful.

Juliana stated that she has maintained a private life for the sake of her family, and her son’s father, who reads such stories.

Despite the challenges, she chooses to ignore such rumors.

“I know what works for bloggers. People run with what can bring the likes, the shares, and the attention. They will make up stuff just to trend, but what they don’t realize is that those things affect people in their personal lives in their private lives… I have a family; my son has a wonderful father and he reads that stuff. That was disrespectful, but I ignored it. You can’t control such; those who matter know you more,” she added.

Juliana stressed the importance of maintaining a private life, expressing her happiness in the current space she occupies. However, she acknowledged the challenge of fans wanting to know every detail of her personal life.

“I am in a very happy place right now and I don’t feel like sharing it publicly, but they (fans) refuse to understand that, you know,” she said.

Reflecting on her relationship with the media, Juliana acknowledged the complexities, noting that she has learned to deal with them over the years.

She highlighted the media’s interest in her love life and emphasized the significance of staying private, especially as she has grown older.

“My relationship with the media has been interesting, over the years. I have learnt a lot. One of the main things that after some times, I had to learn to deal with them. Until I realized it is a business for them, I always thought by responding I would give it credibility which is not. I walk away if something is toxic. I have been called beautiful but unlucky. They seem to have an interest in my love life a lot. I was open in my 20s, but as I grow I learned that life was sweeter when you stay private.”

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