Kagadi District Chairman Suspended from Religious Services Over Kapyemi Healing City Dispute

The Kagadi District LC5 Chairman, Mr Yosia Bahunga Ndibwami. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kagadi District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Kagadi Chapter of The Inter Religious Council (IRC) has taken the decision to suspend Mr. Yosia Bahunga Ndibwami, the Chairman of the Kagadi District Local Council 5, from participating in their religious services or entering their places of worship. This action comes as a response to Mr. Ndibwami’s reported role in initiating the creation of Kapyemi Healing City without prior consultation with district stakeholders.

The IRC has accused Mr. Ndibwami, along with some Kagadi district political leaders, of collaborating with followers of the Faith of Unity Enyikiriza y’Obumu to establish Kapyemi Healing City, a move they consider to be against their religious beliefs and offensive to the Almighty God.

Kapyemi cell, situated in Muhorro town council, Kagadi district, holds significance as the place where Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi (formerly known as Desteo, a Roman Catholic follower who later renounced the faith) declared himself as God and founded the Faith of Unity. It became the location for a mega divine healing center known as Itambiro, drawing visitors from around the world seeking divine healing.

The IRC’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Wycliffe Abesiga, explained that during their meeting, it was unanimously decided to suspend the LC5 chairman from participating in the religious activities affiliated with the IRC. This decision stemmed from Mr. Ndibwami’s characterization of the IRC as a political pressure group and an unregistered NGO according to Kagadi district local government.

Despite offering Mr. Ndibwami the opportunity to apologize and make amends with the IRC, he declined, leading to the IRC’s decision. Consequently, the IRC has prohibited him from attending any prayers or religious gatherings in Kagadi district, as these are affiliated with the IRC.

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Mr. Abesiga also revealed that the IRC plans to organize a Regional Prayer Walk in Kagadi town in early October, dedicated to Kagadi district local government and its leadership. The IRC also maintained its earlier resolution to prevent politicians from making speeches at religious-led events.

Regarding the Kagadi District Inspector of Schools, Omukwenda Julius Aliinda, who follows the Faith of Unity, the IRC has resolved that he should not be allowed to inspect schools with attire associated with the Faith of Unity. Instead, he should inspect schools dressed in an official public service outfit.

In response to these developments, Kagadi district council had previously given the IRC a two-week ultimatum to lift its ban on politicians speaking at events presided over by religious leaders affiliated with the IRC. The district council also instructed the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to take disciplinary action against civil servants supporting the IRC’s stance on Kapyemi Healing City. However, the IRC has cautioned the CAO against taking action against these civil servants, emphasizing their right to defend their faith.

As of time of this report, Mr. Ndibwami has not provided a comment on the matter.

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