Kakumiro Locals Struggle with Subpar Govt Bean Supplies Amidst Post-Storm Hardship

Kakumiro (UG) | The Black Examiner – Residents of Igayaza Town Council in Kakumiro District are voicing their concerns over the quality of government-supplied beans, which they claim are inedible due to their poor condition. This issue has emerged in the wake of a devastating rainstorm that wreaked havoc on local crops, leaving many in dire need of food assistance.

The residents, who were already struggling to cope with the aftermath of the natural disaster, received a bitter surprise when the government distributed beans that were deemed unsuitable for consumption. Complaints have flooded in from various villages within the council, with residents alleging that the beans appeared old and unfit for human consumption.


Speculations have arisen that these beans might have been sourced from storage facilities or warehouses, as their deteriorated state raises questions about their origin. The recipients of these government supplies have been left perplexed, as the beans are visibly far from being the nutritious and edible provisions they expected.

Local authorities, including the town council leaders, have faced difficulties and bias from locals in distributing the beans, as the appearance and condition of the supplies have raised doubts among both officials and recipients. This situation has only added to the frustrations of the residents already grappling with the aftermath of the recent rainstorm, which severely damaged their crops.

Counselor Mahene, a prominent political figure in the Igayaza community and part of distribution drive, shed light on the distribution process, revealing that each village within the council was allocated a bag of posho and a bag of bean to help alleviate the food scarcity caused by the storm. However, it appears that the beans have caused more distress than relief among the residents.

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Mahene, in an interview with The Black Examiner conducted via WhatsApp, he expressed his disappointment in the quality of the supplies, stating, “We were hoping that these government supplies would be a lifeline for our community during this difficult time. Unfortunately, the beans provided are far from being suitable for consumption, and we are left with more questions than answers about their source as even more residents are returning them back.”

Local leaders and council members are now demanding answers from higher government authorities about the source and quality of the beans distributed. They are urging for swift action to rectify this situation and ensure that residents receive the food assistance they desperately need.

As the people of Igayaza Town Council face the dual challenges of recovering from a devastating rainstorm and dealing with the poor-quality bean supplies, their resilience is being tested to the limit. It remains to be seen how government officials will respond to these complaints and whether residents will receive the necessary support to rebuild their lives and sustain themselves during these trying times.

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