Kasese Family Loses Everything as Devastating Fire Ravages Their Home

Kasese Family Loses Everything as Devastating Fire Ravages Their Home
Residential House Where Fire Engulfed Leaving Devastation in its Wake. PHOTO/JOACKIM KULE

Kasese, Uganda | The Black Examiner — A devastating fire tore through a rental room in Mumbuzi Cell, Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipality, yesterday, leaving a family grappling with the heart-wrenching loss of all their possessions and a substantial sum of 1.7 million shillings.

The blaze, which unfolded early in the morning of yesterday as the sun was rising, struck while the family was away, engrossed in various activities outside their humble abode. Mr. Joseph Kato, the patriarch of the family, was visibly shaken by the tragic turn of events, expressing profound sorrow as he revealed that the inferno had stripped them of their means of sustenance.

The fire voraciously devoured belongings that held sentimental and practical significance for the family. The flames consumed their clothes, bedding, a prized television set, even an incubating hen, and a substantial amount of cash—totaling 1.7 million shillings. The family was left in a state of utter despair and loss, as they stood amidst the charred remnants of their lives.

Mr. Samson Mutahunga, the Chairperson of Mumbuzi Local Council I, verified the information, hinting at the potential ignition source—faulty electrical appliances within the room. Speculation aside, a comprehensive official report is underway to meticulously gauge the extent of the damage. The intention behind this report is to facilitate assistance from the District Disaster Management Committee, which could prove vital in aiding the devastated family’s journey towards recovery.

Mr. Isaiah Thembo, the Chairperson of Kitoro Cell Local Council I earnestly called upon the community to unite in solidarity, extending a helping hand to the afflicted family during this trying period. As the family awaits potential aid from the district authorities, addressing their immediate requirements for sustenance and basic necessities stands paramount.


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