Kasese FDC Diehards Cross to NRM Party

Kasese, Uganda | The Black Examiner – Mr. Samson Mutahunga, a devoted supporter of the FDC (Forum for Democratic Change) and a prominent critic of the ruling party in Kasese Municipality, has recently made a surprising move by joining the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party. This significant change has been exclusively disclosed by The Black Examiner

Mr. Mutahunga currently serves as the local council one chairperson for Mumbuzi cell in Kasese Municipality. He formally embraced the NRM by presenting himself to the NRM party chairperson in Kasese district, Hon. Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, at the district party offices this afternoon. Mr. Mutahunga, known as a prominent figure in Mumbuzi Cell, expressed his reasons for leaving the FDC, highlighting his disillusionment with the party’s leadership in Kasese. He referred to reports suggesting that the FDC’s National headquarters in Najjanankumbi had been taken over by an unseen force.

Adding to this shift, a group of defectors from the FDC, led by Mr. Amon Mahips Kambere, a senior driver at Coca-Cola stage in Kasese Municipality town, also decided to cross over to the NRM party. Their decision was motivated by a sense of futility in continuing a decade-long resistance against the ruling political party.

Mr. Joseph Kinyambila Isamba, who formerly held the position of FDC chairperson for Bwesumbu subcounty, echoed the sentiments of the other ten defectors. They expressed their dissatisfaction with what they termed the misleading direction and internal conflicts within their former FDC party, which ultimately pushed them to seek alternatives.

In the eyes of Dr. Kiyonga, the defectors recognized the futility of opposing the very entity that has been responsible for their well-being. He pointed out several instances of service delivery, including infrastructural development, the promotion of democracy, peace, security, and other commendable achievements by the ruling government, despite encountering challenges.

Mr. Johnson Kamalha, the NRM Publicity Secretary, extended an invitation to the defectors to participate in the party’s mobilization efforts, with the primary goal of delivering tangible services to the local populace.


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