KCCA Inducts 25 Council Court Members to Strengthen Local Justice

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has taken significant strides in bolstering the local justice system within Kampala. Their efforts involved the induction of 25 local council court members from the city’s five divisions, all aimed at enhancing access to justice for the entire resident population.

This induction ceremony, held at the Fairway Hotel, featured the formal swearing-in of these court members, with Chief Magistrate Rehema Nassozi presiding over the event.

Local council courts, established under the Local Council Courts Act of 2006, hold a crucial role in dispensing justice within the community. As per the law, each of Kampala’s five divisions is required to have five members on its local council court, with a specific emphasis on achieving gender balance.


Elias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor of Kampala, graced the induction ceremony with his presence and delivered an impassioned speech. He underscored the significance of legal knowledge for the newly appointed court members, stressing their need to become well-versed in Uganda’s existing laws.

Lukwago emphasized, “You must be thoroughly knowledgeable about legal matters. Even though you are not lawyers, it is impossible to administer justice without a solid understanding of the law.”

Additionally, he encouraged the court members to acquaint themselves with the principles of equity, which would serve as their guiding principles in their roles. Lukwago underscored that equity and principles of justice form the bedrock of remedies within their jurisdiction.

Uhuru Salim, the Mayor of Kampala Central Division, expressed optimism about the potential impact of these local council courts in delivering justice at the community level. He acknowledged the importance of decentralizing the administration of justice to bring it closer to the people.

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The newly appointed court members represent various divisions of Kampala and are expected to serve until the end of the current political term in 2026.

In accordance with “The Local Council Courts Act, 2006,” the composition of these local council courts includes a minimum of two female members, aligning with the provisions of the Constitution.

Local council courts in Uganda are a vital part of the broader decentralization of power. They possess administrative, legislative, and judicial authority on behalf of the central government, operating at the village, parish, and sub-county levels.

These local council courts wield a range of powers, including issuing orders for reconciliation, declarations, compensation, restitution, costs, apologies, attachment and sale, as well as imposing fines, community service, or other penalties for violations of bye-laws or ordinances. Chief Magistrates oversee these courts to ensure the efficient and equitable administration of justice at the grassroots level.


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