Kisoro District Takes a Stand Against Wildfires!

In Kisoro District, leaders have issued a firm warning to residents against the prevalent practice of setting fire to bushes. This caution comes in the wake of recent incidents of infernos in various areas, including Nyabwishenya, Mgahinga forest in Nyarusiza, and Kafuga forest in Rubuguri Town Council.

Authorities report that these fires were allegedly ignited by farmers in several villages of Nyabwishenya Sub County while they were preparing to plant millet. Moreover, honey harvesters in Mgahinga Forest and Kafuga Forest have also been implicated in similar practices.

Uwiringirimana Lawrence, the LC3 Nyabwishenya sub-county, told The Black Examiner that many farmers believe millet grows best in areas with burnt soils.


Judith Muja, Kisoro District’s environment officer, expressed deep concern over the widespread bush burning, as it significantly impacts tree species and soil fertility. She warned that individuals found spearheading this destructive activity would be prosecuted as arsonists under the National Forestry and Tree Planting Act 2003, section 35. Conviction could lead to a minimum sentence of 7 years.

Chairman Abel Bizimana of Kisoro District urged locals to prioritize environmental conservation over burning bushes. He also instructed all local council leaders to take action and apprehend anyone caught engaging in this harmful practice.

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