Kyagulanyi Blasts Museveni Over Persistent Land Evictions in Bunyoro

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, has criticized President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) party for their perceived failure to address persistent land evictions and land grabbing in the Bunyoro sub-region and other parts of Uganda.

During a rally held at Kitana Primary School playground in Kigorobya town council in Hoima on Monday, where he was endorsing Moses Aguuda, the NUP candidate for the upcoming by-election for the Hoima LC V Chairperson’s seat, Kyagulanyi highlighted the dire situation in Bunyoro. He expressed concern that extensive land evictions and grabbing have left many families living as refugees in their own country.

Kyagulanyi squarely placed responsibility on President Museveni for the ongoing land evictions in the Bunyoro sub-region, alleging that individuals involved in land grabbing are shielded by the government. He urged the people of Bunyoro to unite and protect their land from being taken over by those he referred to as “Museveni’s associates.”

The opposition leader emphasized that the only way to safeguard their land is by voting for opposition candidates, insinuating that this would help prevent further land grabbing.

Additionally, Kyagulanyi urged the people of Bunyoro to join forces with him in their collective effort to challenge what he characterized as Museveni’s dictatorial, tribalistic, and corrupt government. He claimed that President Museveni’s leadership has facilitated corruption in the country, resulting in inadequate public service delivery to Ugandans.

Kyagulanyi further accused President Museveni of appointing, reappointing, and promoting corrupt individuals within public offices while protecting them. He also criticized Museveni for purportedly failing to provide oil-related job opportunities to the people of Bunyoro despite the discovery of oil resources in their region.

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Furthermore, Kyagulanyi lambasted Museveni for the lack of development in Bunyoro despite the region’s abundant natural resources. He called upon the Banyoro people to demand an explanation from Museveni regarding the region’s lag in development.

Moses Aguuda, the NUP candidate in the Hoima LCV by-election, pledged to take action against land grabbers if entrusted with the seat. He pointed out that residents of Hoima currently lack essential services such as clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare facilities, and proper road infrastructure.

Aguuda also promised to advocate for job opportunities in the oil and gas sector for the people of Hoima and Bunyoro upon being elected to lead the district. The Hoima LCV seat became vacant following the tragic passing of Kadir Kirungi, the former LCV chairperson, in a motor accident on March 17, 2023, along the Hoima-Kampala Road in Mataagi village, Bukomero town council, Kiboga district. Polling for the Hoima LCV by-election is scheduled for September 14, 2023.

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