Kyambogo University Donates Life Jackets Amidst Ongoing Search for Missing Drowning Victim

Kabale District | The Black Examiner – The serene waters of Lake Bunyonyi have turned into a haunting scene as the body of a senior two student remains elusive after a tragic drowning incident last week. Martin Izabayo, a promising young student hailing from Kisoro District, met his untimely end on Friday when the canoe he was sailing in capsized. Despite valiant efforts by Marine Police, divers, and the local community, the young scholar’s body has yet to be found.

The incident has left the entire Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School community in shock and sorrow. It was revealed that Izabayo had fled the school premises after being denied permission by school administrators, leading to the unfortunate series of events that claimed his life.

Isaac Kamukama, the acting Deputy Headteacher, expressed his distress over the unsuccessful search for the deceased. He disclosed that despite tireless endeavors, locating the body might take up to four more days, given the complexities of the lake’s depths.

Lake Bunyonyi, being a vital means of access to education, has been a double-edged sword for the academic community. Patience Tweheyo, the Headteacher of Bwama Primary School, attested to the necessity of canoe boats as the only mode of transport for learners seeking education. The school had experienced a similar heartbreaking incident earlier this year when a primary four pupil, Ivan Muhwezi, drowned in February.

In response to the unfortunate events, Moses Bwengye Tumwijukye, the Kabale District Education Officer, expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and the school. He earnestly prayed for the swift recovery of the young student’s body to accord him a proper and dignified burial.

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With the community grieving and grappling with the loss, Bwengye took the opportunity to address the students at Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School today. He firmly warned against any acts of indiscipline and implored them to prioritize their safety by always wearing life jackets during lake crossings.

In a commendable effort to enhance the safety of students crossing the lake for education, a delegation from Kyambogo University, led by the esteemed University Vice Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya, extended a helping hand. The university generously donated 100 life jackets to both Bwama Primary School and Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School.

Moreover, the gesture of goodwill didn’t stop there. The university also contributed 1000 Picfare Exercise books, 1000 Mathematical sets, 700 Pens, and 300 Pencils to support the educational needs of the students.

Prof Katunguka revealed that the Kyambogo University Library is currently organizing a collection of textbooks that will be delivered shortly. He expressed hope that these contributions would aid children in accessing education and uplift the overall quality of education at both schools.


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