Kyambogo University Professor Faces Dismissal Amidst Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | A tumultuous council meeting was convened at Kyambogo University on Monday, where the fate of Professor Aaron, a prominent figure responsible for both teaching and administrative roles, was discussed and determined. Dr. Nakanugo Gorette chaired the meeting, focusing on Professor Aaron’s future at Kyambogo University.

Professor Aaron, a highly influential figure at the university, had been selected by an international NGO in Kampala for a trip with disabled students from Apollo Kaggwa school in Mukono. However, disturbing allegations emerged when he was accused of sexually abusing one of the students without protection, causing severe distress.

The situation drew the attention of the Vision Project NGO, which reported the incident to KMP police headquarters. Subsequently, Professor Aaron was arrested, spending days in KMP police custody before being released on police bond. This incident jeopardized his potential appointment as Deputy Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University.

During his arrest, police discovered Viagra and sexual lubricants in his car, further deepening the scandal. This was not the first time Professor Aaron had faced allegations of sexually exploiting minors with disabilities, intensifying the outrage.

The news spread over the weekend, prompting Kyambogo council members, led by Prof Ojambo, to address the issue during their Monday meeting. Vice Chancellor Professor Erias Katunguka was questioned about his involvement, but he denied any support for Professor Aaron and suggested that he should face the consequences of his actions.

However, Professor Aaron remained elusive, with his phone switched off, allegedly hiding in his hometown in northern Uganda. In response, council members voted to publish an advertisement in the newspaper on Tuesday, urging other potential victims of Professor Aaron’s misconduct to come forward.

It was revealed that the decision to interdict Professor Aaron was made after confirming the police file on his case. Professor Katunguka, the VC, would be required to exercise his powers in this regard. Subsequently, Professor Aaron would face the disciplinary committee of Kyambogo council, potentially resulting in his dismissal with disgrace.

Insiders indicate that the council meeting on Monday was heated, with members advocating for Professor Aaron’s dismissal to protect the university’s reputation and dissociate it from allegations of sexual harassment against disabled minors.

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