Lands Officer Arrested for Double Title


Mukono District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Mukono District’s Senior Land Management Officer, Mr. Robert Mbaziira, spent a night in Mukono Police Division cells due to allegations of double land titling in the area. His arrest was ordered by Lands State Minister Sam Mayanja at the district headquarters on Wednesday evening.

Minister Mayanja explained that Mbaziira has been implicated in land disputes involving double titling, leading to conflicts and even violence within the community. This situation prompted the Minister to instruct the Resident District Commissioner and the Chief Administrative Officer to initiate an interdiction process and cancel Mbaziira’s contract.

In August, Minister Mayanja temporarily closed the Mukono Zonal offices due to transparency and trust issues. Principal Assistant Secretary Doreen Tumushabe stepped aside during investigations, as many irregularities were attributed to Mbaziira before the district land office’s responsibilities were transferred to the ministerial zonal office.

The Minister believed that Mbaziira failed to enforce compliance with national land policies and favored the wealthy over the less fortunate. Following public demands, the police eventually acted on the Minister’s orders, taking Mbaziira into custody.

Minister Mayanja also instructed the Commissioner of Lands to invalidate new land titles created on existing ones and investigate and apprehend all involved land officers.

Mukono residents emphasized the need for compliance officers to reject corrupt practices to resolve land disputes effectively. They recounted incidents where land grabbers, some posing as members of the ruling party and even armed individuals in police uniforms, used intimidation and violence to take over land.

Ms. Cotilda Nabuuso, an 81-year-old resident, shared her eviction experience and threats from land grabbers, while the Diocesan Bishop for Mukono, Enos Kagodo, highlighted the use of party affiliation and impersonation to intimidate landowners.

Phiona Barungi, Senior Presidential Assistant for Special Duties, urged Mukono residents to verify the credentials of individuals claiming affiliation with the State House with authorities.


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