Learners Asked to Embrace Vocational Skills

Kigezi (G) | The Black Examiner – Yona Ainembabazi, the headteacher of Lake Bunyonyi vocational secondary school has advocated for a shift in perspective when it comes to education and career choices for children in Kigezi.

Speaking to our reporter in his offices yesterday, Ainembabazi emphasized on the importance of not pressuring children into pursuing traditional white-collar professions but instead embracing vocational education as a viable source of employment opportunities in the current era.

Ainembabazi’s message underscores a common issue where parents often steer their children towards traditional academic paths, leading to an oversaturation of certain professions and creating a job-seeking mentality. He highlights that prioritizing vocational education can potentially empower individuals to become job creators rather than job seekers, ultimately contributing to economic growth and an improved standard of living in the region.

He underligns the perspective shift aligns with global trends that emphasize the value of diverse skill sets and the importance of vocational training in meeting the demands of evolving job markets urging parents and the community in Kigezi to a broader acceptance of vocational education as a legitimate pathway to success and self-sufficiency.

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