Lesedi Nuclear Services and Uganda Join Forces to Advance Nuclear Energy Capacity

Uganda’s Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa and Lesedi Nuclear Services CEO Francis Carruthers with signed MOU (Courtesy photo)

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Lesedi Nuclear Services, a seasoned leader in nuclear energy solutions with over three decades of experience, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the Ugandan Government, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. This partnership marks a significant step in Uganda’s journey toward harnessing nuclear energy for various applications.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Ugandan engineers will visit South Africa, where they will work with Lesedi Nuclear Services. This collaboration aims to strengthen Uganda’s nuclear energy capabilities, aligning with the government’s vision to diversify its energy sources and boost industrialization.

Energy Minister Ruth Nankabirwa has confirmed Uganda’s readiness for nuclear energy development, as recognized by international assessments. To achieve this, Ugandan engineers will receive training in South Africa, gaining valuable hands-on experience at Lesedi, a renowned company in nuclear energy generation and maintenance.

This commitment includes ongoing training for Ugandan engineers in South Africa. Currently, Uganda has 22 nuclear engineers, but the government’s goal is to build a workforce of 1,004 nuclear energy specialists to support the national nuclear energy agenda.

Lesedi Nuclear Services, which supports the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in Cape Town, South Africa, is enthusiastic about assisting Uganda in meeting its energy requirements. CEO Francis Carruthers has expressed Lesedi’s dedication to providing the necessary support to Ugandan scientists to enhance their expertise, stating, “With 30 years of experience in nuclear energy generation and maintenance, having completed over 200 plant modifications, Lesedi is well-equipped to assist Uganda in its aspirations. We are here to offer guidance and collaboration.”

Irene Bateebe, Permanent Secretary of the Energy Ministry, stressed the importance of the partnership, emphasizing the establishment of a nuclear department and plans for a National Nuclear Energy Company. A nuclear science center has also been established at Soroti University. Lesedi will play a role in developing a curriculum for training nuclear energy engineers, further enhancing Uganda’s capabilities in this field.

Uganda’s energy demand is growing at an impressive rate of 15% annually due to industrialization, urban development, and support for small-scale industries. The National Development Plan forecasts a power demand growth rate of 22.7% per annum in the near future.

Uganda has identified potential sites in five districts for hosting nuclear power plants: Mubende, Kiruhura, Lamwo, Buyende, and Nakasongola. These locations were strategically chosen based on their proximity to water bodies and energy demand centers. Additionally, Uganda holds significant uranium prospects in various regions, further supporting the feasibility of nuclear energy development.

The partnership between Lesedi Nuclear Services and the Government of Uganda represents a pivotal moment in Uganda’s pursuit of energy sustainability and industrial growth. Together, they are committed to realizing the potential of nuclear energy to meet the nation’s energy needs and drive economic development.

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