Lira City East Division Councilors Reject Newly Appointed Town Clerk

Lira Central Division. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Denish Ongora

Lira, Uganda | The Black Examiner  – Councilors representing Lira City East division have voiced their refusal to accept the interim appointment of a new town clerk within their division. Their preference remains Angole Jimmy, who has been fulfilling the role of division town clerk.

The situation unfolded on the 26th of July, 2023, when the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government, in a formal communication, reassigned Opolot Apolo Benard from Kole district, where he held the position of deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), to Lira City. This transfer appointed him as the deputy town clerk on a temporary basis for a duration of six months, pending the selection of a permanent town clerk.

On the 7th of August, 2023, Lira City Town Clerk Theophilus Tibihika issued an official notice designating Opolot Apolo as the town clerk for Lira City East division.

However, upon Opolot’s arrival at his new assignment for orientation, he faced resistance from councilors who contested his appointment and urged him to return to the central town clerk’s office in Lira City for reassignment.

One councilor, Akidi Norah of Te-atura, articulated that their preference was for Opolot Apolot to resume his previous role as deputy town clerk of Lira City, rather than assuming the position of town clerk for the specific Lira City East division.

Opolot Apolot responded, noting that he was initially designated as the deputy town clerk for Lira City, and that acting as the town clerk for Lira City East division aligned with his original appointment.

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He expressed his intention to initiate a redeployment process through the Ministry, to address the councilors’ concerns and ensure a suitable resolution for the situation.

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