Man Demands Reimbursement Amid Marriage Breakdown

Man storms in laws demanding refund of dowry. PHOTO/COURTESY

A Ugandan man has stirred up a commotion by approaching his wife’s parents to reclaim the items he had bestowed upon them during the traditional introduction ceremony.

Identified as Muhammad Yiga, the man revealed a distressing sequence of events involving his wife, Hanifa Namutebi. Mere days after their nuptials, Namutebi abruptly left Yiga and shockingly disclosed that she had entered into wedlock with another individual named Isaac.

Yiga recounted Namutebi’s startling proposition, stating that she suggested he retrieve the possessions he had provided for their marriage. This included chairs and a water tank, which she offered to replace with the assistance of her new spouse.

Adding to the turmoil, Yiga disclosed that Namutebi informed him that the pregnancy she was carrying was not his, further compounding the dissolution of their relationship.

Subsequently, accompanied by his companions, Yiga ventured to the residence of his now ex-wife to assert his claim over his belongings. Upon arrival, however, they found the house’s occupants to be unresponsive, locking themselves inside.

While they waited, the occupants informed Yiga that they were awaiting the return of their mother from Masaka district, where she had gone to address the situation. Undeterred, Yiga maintained his stance, insisting that he would remain until he reclaimed his possessions.

While on the premises, a member of the household launched an assault by pelting stones at Yiga and his associates. Nonetheless, they managed to apprehend the assailant, who was then persuaded to implore his fellow household members to unlock the door. Unfortunately, their request was met with refusal.

As the confrontation escalated, local residents congregated, urging a resolution. Sympathy swayed toward Yiga due to the elderly person involved being unduly distressed by the situation. Tensions escalated to the point where locals armed themselves with sticks, prompting intervention from the police.

The law enforcement authorities managed to defuse the volatile atmosphere and subsequently escorted the disputing parties to the police station. Once at the station, both Yiga and his associate were detained for disturbing the peace of the elderly individual.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, revealed that efforts are underway to convene a meeting involving all parties concerned, with the aim of amicably resolving the discord. Viewers can access a video of the incident

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