Market Vendors Ask Gov’t to Block NUP’s One Million March

A vendor at Kibuye market holding a placard on October 4th. (Photo by Emmanuel Oluka)

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Numerous vendors at Kibuye market, situated along Old Entebbe Road, have urged the government to prevent the upcoming one-million-person march organized by the National Unity Platform (NUP) opposition party.

Currently, NUP leaders and supporters are in the process of mobilizing to welcome their party President, Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, at Entebbe International Airport on Thursday, October 5th. Their plan is to march through major trading centers along the Old Entebbe Road up to the City Centre.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, local traders operating from Kibuye market and boda boda operators made a plea to the government to intervene and halt this march, citing concerns about its adverse impact on their businesses.


Joyce Makanga, the organizing secretary for all markets in Uganda, explained that the vendors frequently experience disruptions to their operations during opposition-led violent protests.

“We rely on loans for our working capital, and at the moment, we have just sent our children back to school. Our children become casualties in these unregulated processions, with some getting arrested and abandoned by those who encouraged them to participate,” Makanga stated.

Makanga urged vendors to boycott the march, emphasizing that it would significantly disrupt their business activities. She suggested that Bobi Wine be allowed to address his supporters in a controlled environment.

Salim Kagombe, another leader at Kibuye market, implored NUP leaders to utilize the Entebbe Express Highway and the Northern Bypass to avoid interfering with their trading activities.

“Vendors are usually the ones who bear the brunt whenever riots occur in Kampala; we suffer substantial losses, yet we receive no compensation from either the organizers of these unregulated processions or the government,” Kagombe asserted.

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Kagombe further warned that if Kyagulanyi and his supporters remain uncontrolled, they might resort to legal action against the government to seek compensation for their losses.

Fred Kazzibwe, the chairman of Kibuye Market, called upon the government to ensure the protection of people’s lives and businesses. He noted that NUP supporters often resort to chaos when vendors refuse to participate in their unauthorized activities.

Kyagulanyi is scheduled to return to Uganda after a two-week mobilization tour in the USA and South Africa, among other destinations. The opposition party has also announced plans to resume the third phase of their mobilization tour.

Source: Nexus Media UG


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