Masindi District Leaders Call for Overhaul of Compensation Process Due to Lack of Supervision

Members on the Committee on Trade at Lira district council hall on Thursday, 7 September 2023. (Image: Parliament)

Masindi District | The Black Examiner – Leaders in Masindi district have called upon the government to overhaul its compensation approach, citing a significant hindrance in the form of insufficient supervision by local authorities. This concern stems from the allocation of funds to the Bunyoro Cooperative Union throughout the compensation process for properties lost during civil wars.

These leaders argue that it was imprudent to exclude local authorities from the entire compensation process, as this exclusion has led to conflicts, corruption, and manipulation in the management of compensation funds. The district’s leadership is particularly troubled by the mistreatment of the Bunyoro Cooperative Union by third parties who siphoned off more than half of their compensation funds. They believe that the district could have prevented this if it had been involved in the process.

Mr. Emmanuel Awio, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Masindi district, expressed his views during an interaction with the Parliament Committee on Tourism, Trade, and Industry in Masindi district, which was conducting an inquiry into cooperatives. He stated, “The union’s mistake was negligence due to a lack of consultation. The district could have provided guidance. It is essential to involve leaders in your recommendations to ensure proper oversight of government funding and prevent similar incidents in the future.”


The Trade Committee noted that due to the absence of supervision, several cooperatives exhibited poor fund management, including a shortage of critical staff such as accountants and leadership by semi-literate individuals.

The committee was disheartened to discover that the leaders of the Bunyoro Cooperative Union struggled to explain basic union operations, including the utilization of the Shs2.5 billion deposited into their bank account for compensation. Mr. Elijah Mushemeza, the Member of Parliament for Sheema County, remarked, “Chairman and Treasurer, we have posed straightforward questions to you, and you cannot provide answers. You were unable to specify the amount transferred to your bank account, explain the legal fees incurred by the union, or locate the signed memorandum of understanding with the lawyer.”

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The Committee Chairperson, Mr. Mwine Mpaka, cautioned that the union’s leadership could face criminal charges for failing to file complaints against the lawyer who allegedly took more than the agreed-upon 50 percent. He stated, “Your failure to report the lawyer to the police or lodge an official complaint implies that you were complicit in the entire process and may be culpable of conspiracy to commit fraud.”

This same committee conducted a similar inquiry in Lira district on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

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