Military Police Trained in Prisoner Handling

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Brigadier General William Bainomugisha, the Commandant of Military Police, expressed his gratitude to the Uganda Prisons Academy for training Military Police personnel in prisoner handling. He made these remarks during the graduation ceremony of 184 Military Police soldiers who completed a one-month course in prisoner management at Uganda Prisons Headquarters in Luzira on Tuesday.

Bainomugisha emphasized the significance of this course for Military Police personnel, as their responsibilities encompass maintaining law and order within the armed forces, supporting civilian law enforcement, detaining and apprehending offenders, and overseeing UPDF inmates.

Commissioner of Prisons Brenda Sana, the Commandant of Uganda Prisons Academy, commended the soldiers for their exemplary discipline throughout the training. She mentioned that the training covered various aspects, including administration, record-keeping, prison labor allocation procedures, rehabilitation programs, the basic human rights of prisoners, ideology, and practical demonstrations of daily prisoner management.

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Busiinge Aggrey
Busiinge Aggrey
Business Aggrey" is a 23-year-old Ugandan journalist and Editor-in-Chief at The Black Examiner newspaper