Minister Amongi Asks Youth to Participate in Income-Generating Projects

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon Betty Amongi. PHOTO/ENOCK NDYAMUHAKYI (THE BLACK EXAMINER)

Kabale District | The Black Examiner – During the celebration of International Youth Day at Kigezi High School’s primary playground, Hon. Betty Amongi, the Minister of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, conveyed a powerful message to the youth. She challenged the prevailing notion that success requires substantial resources.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Minister Amongi emphasized the importance of economic empowerment and encouraged young individuals to engage in income-generating activities. She highlighted that the government is prioritizing a change in the mindset of the youth to enhance their income potential.

Minister Amongi called upon the youth to foster innovation and contribute to societal development. She advised them to start small and embrace volunteering opportunities, noting that such experiences can bring their names to the forefront and enhance their employability.

In addition, she recommended that the youth embrace government initiatives like the PDM and Emyooga programs, which aim to address the escalating issue of unemployment. She passionately urged them to initiate income-generating projects as a proactive measure against joblessness.

Minister Amongi further urged the youth to maintain a strong connection with District Chief Administrative Officers and Community Development Officers. This, she stated, would ensure that they are consistently updated on government programs designed to bolster support for the youth.


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