Moroto Ranked Worst Performing District

Moroto district’s governance and administrative performance have drawn significant attention following a scathing report from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), which ranked it as the poorest performing district among those surveyed across the country.

The ACODE scorecard paints a troubling picture, revealing that multiple boards within the district have failed to meet their mandated duties and responsibilities. Notably, the district land board and district service commission have been singled out as non-functional, leading to recruitment challenges and hazardous land disputes.

Walter Akena, an ACODE research officer, expressed, “Both the district land board and the district service commission are not fully constituted and are largely absent when it comes to resolving emerging disputes.”

Furthermore, the district has grappled with a prolonged vacancy in the vice chairperson position, which has remained unfilled for nearly three years. Emmanuel Lokii, a Rupa Sub County councilor, explained, “It is the responsibility of the LC5 chairperson to appoint the Vice Chairperson, subject to approval by the council. The last appointment by LC5 was rejected by the council due to the candidate’s lack of proper qualifications.”

Local councils have voiced their concerns about the governance issues in the district and are urging immediate corrective actions to address the deficiencies and restore functionality to vital district bodies.

The non-functionality of the district land board, in particular, has had severe consequences, leading to heightened land disputes and conflicts, resulting in tragic fatalities. Anjelo Pulkol, a Loputuk Councilor, cited a recent incident where a mother and her daughter lost their lives in a family land dispute in Katanga.

The ACODE scorecard underscores the pressing need for governance reforms in Moroto district. District authorities must take swift and effective measures to rectify the identified deficiencies, as emphasized by Lucy Akajo, the female workers’ representative at Moroto district. She stressed the urgency of promoting transparency, making qualified appointments, and establishing effective governance structures to prevent further exacerbation of the district’s issues.

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