MPs Applaud NWSC’s Service Delivery Plans, Discuss Gov’t Arrears and Water For All

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The National Water and Sewerage Corporation recently held a productive meeting with the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. This collaboration seeks to address crucial issues, explore avenues for improvement, and ensure that the provision of clean water and proper wastewater management aligns with principles of environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and public health, members of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources embarked on a visit to the Nakivubo Wastewater Treatment Plant. This visit signifies a pivotal moment for the Corporation and underscores NWSC’s dedication to responsible wastewater management and ecological preservation.

The Nakivubo Wastewater Treatment Plant, being the largest of its kind within the East African Community, serves as a hallmark of NWSC’s commitment to setting new standards for responsible wastewater treatment.

Members of Parliament on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee came together to commend National Water and Sewerage Corporation for its remarkable Sewerage Treatment Plant during a presentation by NWSC’s Managing Director, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha. This presentation addressed various key concerns raised by the committee.

One of the primary concerns related to high tariffs and billing modes, and NWSC outlined measures to address this issue. These include implementing a tariff structure pricing system, tariff indexation, conducting affordability analyses, and enhancing billing modes for accuracy and transparency.

The expansion of services to rapidly growing areas was another concern. NWSC aims to meet the increased demand by harnessing internally generated resources, exploring market finance projects, collaborating with the government for financial support, and seeking external financing from international development agencies and donors.

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The committee also inquired about the Corporation’s financial position and debt management, which was addressed in the presentation, emphasizing NWSC’s commitment to maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Lastly, the issue of staff deployment within the corporation was discussed, with NWSC implementing strategic approaches to enhance skills, operational flexibility, customer service, resource allocation, and performance appraisal.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, NWSC reaffirmed its commitment to resolving gratuity arrears in a timely manner, aligning with its dedication to staff welfare and responsible financial management.

Additionally, the Members of Parliament commended NWSC for its proactive initiatives to address unpaid government bills, pledging support to increase the corporation’s budget and resolve the challenge of unpaid government bills. This collaborative effort exemplifies a commitment to fiscal responsibility, service continuity, accountability, and economic stability, showcasing the dedication of NWSC to the welfare of the Ugandan people and responsible water resource management.

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