Museveni to Launch Comprehensive Poverty Alleviation Plan in Karamoja

Nakaseke District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has announced that the government is planning to establish a comprehensive program aimed at both wealth creation and poverty alleviation for the people of Karamoja.

Speaking during a lecture to leaders from the Karamoja Sub-region at the Oliver Reginald Tambo School of Leadership and Pan-African Center of Excellence in Nakaseke District, President Museveni stressed the need for a consolidated plan to uplift Karamoja from its challenges.

He emphasized that Karamoja faces various issues, including food scarcity and water supply problems. To address these, the government plans to introduce tractors to enhance food production collectively and individually, as well as construct additional dams for water conservation.

The President encouraged the people of Karamoja to embrace patriotism, emphasizing that unity under the banner of Uganda is key to prosperity. He highlighted the importance of loving the country as a whole rather than tribal or religious identities.

Furthermore, Museveni explained that once Karamoja transitions from cattle rustling to organized beef production and sale, they will find the market for their products extends beyond their region, especially in Kampala.

He urged the leaders to spread the message of wealth creation and help their communities transform socially and economically. Four sectors—commercial agriculture, industries/factories, services, and ICT—are presented as avenues for this transformation.

The training program for Karamoja leaders was initiated as part of efforts to pacify the region and promote community resilience and development. Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, Chief of Defence Forces, noted that military operations in Karamoja required civil-military cooperation to be effective.

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The training aimed to change the mindset of the participants and equip them to mobilize their communities for socio-economic transformation. Over the course of three weeks, the participants gained knowledge in various areas, with a focus on ideology, social and economic aspects, and touring farms to learn about agriculture.

Leaders from Karamoja welcomed the training, noting that it had enhanced their ideological understanding and would help promote peace, security, and development in the region. The event was attended by various dignitaries, including Members of Parliament, UPDF leadership, and Nakaseke District leaders.

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