14 Females Linked to ADF Arrested in North Kivu Province

The joint operation between the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) has successfully arrested fourteen women who are associated with ADF terrorists in Mwalika Valley, located in North Kivu Province.

In an interview conducted via telephone with The Black Examiner , Major Bilal Katamba, the spokesperson for the joint operation Shujja Mountain Division, provided details about the operation. He mentioned that the captured individuals were found at River Talha and Semuliki, operating under the command of Abu Waqas, a notorious ADF commander who narrowly escaped arrest.

Among the apprehended individuals is a Burundian national who has been living as the wife of Major Waqas for the past five years.


Major Katamba urged ADF fighters and their collaborators to renounce their involvement in the terrorist group and surrender to the UPDF forces. He emphasized that those who surrender would be granted amnesty, while the UPDF forces would continue to engage in combat with those who refuse to surrender, potentially resulting in their capture or demise.

Major Katamba also implicated Abu Waqas’ group in the ADF attack at Lhubiriha Community Secondary School in Kasese district, which claimed the lives of over forty individuals, including students.

In a separate development, a suspected ADF rebel named Martin Oweto was apprehended yesterday in Kahokya Sub County, Kasese district. Mr. Nyesio Byamutima, the local council three chairperson of the area, confirmed the arrest.

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