43 UNEB staff trained in Competence Based Assessment practices

UNEB Staff

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) recently completed a training program to prepare staff for the implementation of Competence-Based Assessment (CBA) practices. CBA is an innovative approach that seeks to align education and assessment with the skills and competencies required for the 21st-century workforce.

Competence-Based Assessment is an approach to education and training that focuses on measuring an individual’s mastery of specific skills and competencies. It differs from traditional assessment methods, which measure knowledge retention and recall. CBA assesses individuals based on their demonstrated abilities to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

43 UNEB staff members have received training in (CBA) techniques in preparation for the pre-testing of questions for Competence Based Assessment (CBA), giving them the tools they need to match the CBA’s guiding principles with the new curriculum.


The objective of the Uganda National Examinations Board Competence-Based Assessment Program is to improve educational outcomes and better align the education system with international standards. The CBA program is designed to impart knowledge and skills to teachers, assessors, and examiners.

 The team’s foundation has been strengthened by the training, which has also given them the opportunity to understand the advantages of competence-based assessment, according to the acting director of examinations, Ms. Florence Agola Buyinza.

They have received training in the principles of continuous based assessment, the steps of effective assessment, and other abilities.

The trainees were chosen from the Continuous Assessment, Test Development, and Special Needs Education (SNE) divisions of the Directorate of Examinations.

Competence-Based Assessment training has far-reaching implications for both the education system and the workforce. By aligning education with the demands of the workforce, students will be better prepared for the job market. Additionally, the training will enhance teacher capacity, leading to better-informed teaching practices. Furthermore, aligning the education system with international standards will help bolster Uganda’s economy by preparing a workforce ready to compete in the global marketplace.

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Dr. Arnold J. Brouwer, the training consultant from Netherlands, hailed the participants for their commitment and assured the ED that they are now competent to carry out effective competence based assessment. The team is now set to review sample questions that will be pre-tested in schools before a standardised setting can be adopted.

The recent training by the Uganda National Examinations Board is a significant step towards aligning Uganda’s education system with the needs of the modern workforce. Through Competence-Based Assessment practices, students will be better prepared to succeed in the workforce, ultimately contributing to the country’s economic prosperity.

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